Our company, 'Romblon Honest Realtor Properties'​ or more popularly known as 'RHRProperties'​ has continuously served Romblon property buyers and sellers since 2005 and has been globally advertised since 2007.

Many has proven in our many years of service,
that we only provide accurate information, most especially , to foreign clients who are unaware of the Philippine Law in purchasing lands here in the Philippines.


'What you see is what you get'​, the property photos we upload are personally taken by our own cameras.
We have a vast variety of properties around Romblon Island that one can choose from.

'RHRProperties'​ guarantees to meet a buyer's specific property description,sway to his preferred payment scheme and adjust to a buyer's financial limits.

With head office at Romblon Island, 'RHRProperties'​ not only provides real estate listings available in Romblon Island Philippines, but also caters consulting and actual services regarding Romblon constructions and house designs, serving both domestic and international.

We bring a fresh, innovative and non-traditional approach to consulting, advertisements and other real estate services, acting as liaison between the buyer and the seller.

Our goal is to exceed the expectations of every client by offering outstanding customer service, increased flexibility and greater value ,thus, improving operation efficiency.

Furthermore,'RHRProperties'​ acts exclusively and independently for a property buyer and for its property sellers.We try to give the best advice on how and which property to buy that will suit a clientele’s taste and requirements.


And if one is unsure of what to look for or simply don’t have the time , 'RHRProperties'​ will be the one to act and perform for the client ,whether, buyer or seller, with the promise to protect his integrity, right and interest.

"You're in good hands with RHRProperties".